Bedsore systems rental service

Bedsore systems rental service
for hospitals, nursing homes and residential home operators.
We can provide a wide range of bedsore systems to meet all the grades of bedsore risk in according to Norton and Braden scale, thanks to products tested for an intensive and professional use.
The dynamic service inside our productive process guarantees efficiency and personalization.

Almost 50% of the injuries occur within the first 7 days of hospitalization

Bedsore systems cleaning service
ISO 9001 certified, with a dedicated area inside our warehouse but far away from the production line.
From the receiving to the consignment of the system, every stage of the cleaning follows a specific line defined by standard procedures.
The systems are completely cleaned and every component is checked in order to guarantee a product as it was new.

Bedsore systems cleaning service
Function checkings

Function checkings
They have been done by qualified staff, with the same procedures used during the production.
Each system is controlled with computerized systems which analyze all the function and safety parameters with tests that last even some days in order to rent tested anti-decubitus systems, efficient and reliable.

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ISO 9001
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